Problems HME360® solves:

Asset tracking - complete visibility of all your inventory all the time

  • Location of item - stock status
  • Hospice equipment recovery - harder
  • High value asset management - stock status

Remote inventory management (consignment closets)

  • Ability to see complete Chain of custody - video clip of unauthorized removal
  • Product shrinkage - real time alerting of unauthorized removal of equipment - same as above
  • Automatic Pick list generation for restock fulfillment

Integrated remote digital delivery workflow

  • Paperless documentation at remote dispensing of product - Consignment closets, emergency rooms, surgery centers, etc.
  • Patient collections - ability to collect copays at remote locations
  • integration into top billing ERP platforms - Brightree, Bonafide

reduces labor

  • Automation of routine tasks - quick updated of inventory - pick/load
  • Eliminate hand counting and estimates - cycle counting
  • Physical inventory takes minutes not days
  • Estimating inventory reorder amounts - creation of req/PO
  • Transit inventory levels know - no calling around/emailing - fleet inventory & stock status


  • Integrations into industry’s leading ePrescribing platforms
  • Integrations into industry’s leading billing platforms
  • live updates on orders, complete with delivery confirmation
  • Increase your DME collection rate by over 10% and reduce AR collection days by 50%.

Warehouse Management Solution

  • Stock status & quick transfer
  • Real time visibility into inventory count and value - reporting dashboard
  • Ease of transfers and movement - movement between zones & refresh inventory values; before and after
  • Quick cycle counting
  • Inventory ordering automation creation of PO/Req
  • Handoff & synchronization to BT & Bonafide
  • integration into top billing ERP platforms