Product Features

Below are some features

Cloud Based

Real time inventory visibility by both facility/supplier.

Patient Portal

HPIAA compliant repository of all encounter documentation. Paperless solution.

Alerts and Notifications

Notifications are created when an inventory level drops below a designated PAR quantity.

Automated EDI ordering

Par levels are continuously monitored, and purchase orders are automatically created HME360bi™ is Vendor Agnostic.

Real time shrinkage management

System allows the facility and/or supplier to manage shrinkage by being able to identify the employee at time shrinkage.

Hospital system interfaces

e-Prescribing & e-delivery generation Billing system.

Credit card processing

Patient Co-Pay capture.

Billing system

Brightree integration
Bonafide integration

Multiple DMEs

HME360bi can be used with multiple DMEs, thus enabling local DME support with aggregate GPO/facility harmony.

Inventory fulfillment

Complete intelligent inventory fulfillment system

RFID Automation

Automated inventory management.

Digital Traceability of Possession

HME360bi™ track possession of product every step of the process Staff Accountability