Features & Highlights


HME360® is a powerful, intuitive, cloud-based inventory and warehouse management system designed for the HME industry. With 360, inventory can seamlessly move from location or state to another with minimal to no steps involved. Inventory custody and visibility can be maintained from warehouse to the patient, companywide or an individual location. Receiving and fulfillment completed in simple steps and purchasing requisitions has never been easier.

Finally, inventory made easy for HME! HME360®, the future of inventory management has arrived.

Features & Highlights

Alerts and Notifications: Real time

Notifications are created when an inventory level drops below a designated PAR quantity, expiring Lot Number, and unauthorized removal of product.

Automatic Inventory Status Updates

Using RFID, simply move inventory between RF monitored areas and the inventory will automatically appear in the new location and be removed from the previous location.

Automated Replenishment Tools

Par levels are continuously monitored and can automatically trigger new inventory requisitions or pick lists for replenishment.

Chain of Custody

Digitally trace possession of inventory through user association mitigates product shrinkage and creates staff accountability.

Cloud based: End to End

Access HME360 from anywhere for Real-time inventory visibility throughout a provider's ecosystem.

Complete Point of Delivery Processing

Verify insurance eligibility and copay obligations at the point of delivery with the option of payment collection on a location-by-location basis.

Digital Traceability of Possession

HME360® tracks the possession of products every step of the process from ordering from the vendor to dispensing to a patient.

Easy Inventory Transfers Between Locations

With just a few steps, seamlessly transfer inventory between your locations saving hours each day.

Enhanced workflow

HME360® can combine extended workflows for e-Prescribing & e-delivery generation as well as for your billing system.

Hospital system interfaces

HME360® integrates with HL7 and Admit, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) specifications to reduce redundant patient demographic entry.

Instantaneous Stock Status Visibility

No more calling or emailing, HME360® gives you a complete view of your inventory in all locations, including transit and remote locations.

Inventory Awareness: Cloud based, end to End

Know real-time stock levels and availability by location. Know which locations are moving inventory and which ones are slow.

Inventory fulfillment

Intelligent inventory fulfillment awareness to let you know when to replenish your stock and bill closets.

Patient Portal

HIPPA complaint patient document delivery with 2-factor authentication.

RFID Automation

No-touch inventory management seamlessly tracks your inventory throughout the provider’s ecosystem.


Features and Functionality that HME360® brings to the industry:


  • Web based using Microsoft Azure security and password management?
  • Mobile app using Android/IOS App
  • Supports RFID Technology, GS1
  • Supports Barcode Technology
  • HL7/ADT


  • Bonafide Sales Orders & Inventory
  • Brightree Sales Orders
  • Parachute ePrescribe
  • Change Health
  • Medicare Same/Similar
Real- time Alerting

Real- time Alerting

  • Low stock
  • Overstock
  • Missing equipment
  • Shipment fee avoidance
  • Lot expiration
  • Purchase order threshold
  • Purchase order cutoff time
Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

  • Inventory valuation
  • Inventory turn rates
  • Inventory aging
  • Stock status
Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

  • Real time Zone Management
    • Stock Value in Dirty/Repair/Clean
    • Alerting (too much dirty)
  • Pick, pack, and dispatch functionality
    • Flexible pick list
    • Dynamic picklist creation based on sales order integration
  • Auto receive with Purchase Order reconciliation
  • Auto Purchase Order generation
Consignment Inventory Management

Consignment Inventory Management

  • Chain of custody tracing
  • Dispensing & sales order workflow
  • Eligibility checks
  • Same/Similar checks
  • Electronic compliance documentation
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Patient Copay collection at time of dispensing